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Require an expert study counseling?

Let us know your destination for Abroad study

Hima-Aus seeks to provide support and assistance for students who want to fulfill their dream of obtaining an international education. We provide counseling services designed to help them achieve their goals and objectives, allowing them make the most of opportunities of being able to study abroad.

We have a team of experts who are highly experienced at providing counseling, education advice, and guidance to help you make intelligent decisions so you can get the results that you are expecting. Having assisted dozens of international students in the past, we can guarantee that they will help you come up with a sound action plan to help you choose the right study pathways and location depending on your specific education goals, preferences and requirements.

At Hima-Aus, we will also conduct an assessment and analyse your academic eligibility, work experiences, and English language proficiency to ensure that you will receive the best possible solutions and that all of your education needs are met.