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Study Science


The Science Fair.

An apple fell from a tree and hit the head of an ordinary person sitting under the tree. Years later that ordinary person was recognized by the whole world as Sir Issac Newton.

Do you want to be that lucky like Newton? No, you don’t have to sit under a tree. Because maybe it was luck that he was there when the apple fell, but it was science and hard work that made him Sir Issac Newton.

Science is universe knowledge. It involves science from raining to growing crops. Science is simple and very familiar to us as we live through it day by day but also very vast to understand. Humans met science in between 3500 to 3000 BCE in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Since then we are trying to find the depth of it and we are succeeding too but yet there is a lot to discover and know about.

Research is the only way to extract the knowledge of science. A curious mind creates theories and principles to support the research. The research will be complete only after a result appears. For the result, one should go through a series of experiments that prove that theory. Experiments should be done very tightly and considering every possible variable. The result might be positive or negative but it is never a failure in science even if it is negative but a knowledge instead.

Thomas Alva Edison said, ” I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

From discovery to the invention and from theory to finally landing in the moon, it is all science that we see every day. Science is all about learning about our surroundings and understanding them. It helps to dig out new possibilities for life which science is already doing.

Science is a passionate subject. Science works with logic so one must be passionate, logical, and highly intelligent to follow a career in science. A career in science does not have any limits. Scientific research and development are discovering new things and improving existing things every day. So one must be very ambitious about scientific career.

Not just chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics are the areas of science.

Modern science has  3 branches.

Natural science including biology, chemistry, and physics.

Social science including economics, psychology, and sociology.                                 

Formal science including logic, mathematics, and theoretical computer science.

Also, every branch has thousands of fields to specialize in. Science is like an endless river that feeds many villages with its fishes and also makes every household brighter at night by hydroelectricity. There is an event, in almost every country, called a science fair where all the science enthusiasts gather together to share ideas and also display their innovations. But once a scientist said, ’’ life is always a fair since I met science.’’ It means a career in science is always exciting and interesting because it is always full of innovations and discoveries.

From generating electricity to lighting the bulb, the scientific invention is always leaning towards the society. Behind every invention there is a thought that says, to build a better future. Scientists see the universe differently. Generally, people start wishing after they see a falling star, but a scientist would be much more curious and say, ” is that an asteroid?” If it was an undiscovered asteroid, a scientist, who discovered that asteroid can name it after whatever they like. So if you are thinking of studying science, start thinking a unique name for a planet that you might discover.

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