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The soulful resonance!!

A baby was crying out loud in the night and the noise was disturbing all around the place. People were closing their ears. A few moments later the noise began to fade away and everyone started pulling their fingers out of their ears. Now they were listening to distant humming with a pleasant smile. They all knew that a mother made her baby sleep by humming some tune, and the baby knew that s/he is in safe hands. Again, music stepped up for help, as always.

Every individual have their own meaning regarding music but everyone feels the same way about it. Music is always inspiring. It reflects us and our culture. We always admire musicians. In fact, among all the greatest musicians of all times, we have a favourite one of our own. Why is that? Why is music so important in our life? We all know the answer but can’t utter a single word about it because there is no such word that describes feelings and justify it. But we smile for sure.

Music has the capability to carry the listener to a different time and place. The place may be wonderful like childhood or bad as our first tragedy in life or an ecstatic future. Wherever we go, at the end of the music we return to the present to cherish it from our heart. Music inspires to live. That’s why it is called soulful. Musicians are the scientists who are actually making time travel possible till this point of time.

Speaking of time, music is as old as humans. Music has a prehistoric history which considers different time period and places.

Even isolated tribal group have their own melody since ages. Although, a Greek melody Seikilos Epitaph which was composed in first century, is considered to be the oldest music composition. These long journeys of music through humanity have blessed us with a whole world of music. There are more than 50 different genres of music that we can easily learn from wherever and whenever we want. We can learn by practising by ourselves, or go to any institution that teaches music. Rock, pop, classical, jazz, blues, hip-hop etc. are the most popular genres today.

Music has created smiles, tears, friendship, love, awareness, togetherness and so much more. Also it has been a mean to express all kind of emotions. It is a language that everyone can understand. Music has been creating opportunities for non-musicians also. There are lots of field that needs to be covered to develop a perfect piece. It helps musicians to reach out to the public. It’s a great career out there. Some of them are, recording engineer, artist manager, music producer, music teacher, publicist and many more.

Music is clinically used to solve people’s emotional problems and restore healthy mind. It is the positive psychological aspect of music. This practise is called music therapy.

Sometimes music serves more than a medicine. A good medicine cures while a good melody makes the creator an immortal. Hurrian Hymn No. 6 is a history but people still remember this melody as the pioneer one. There are no chores who do not know Mozart, Beethoven and their symphony. Those legendary bodies are long gone but their soul is still in their music staying peacefully in everyone’s mind.

If you think this is you