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The healer and the winner: Medicine!!

Medicine is a calm word because it heals and takes away the pain. It does not taste good but it makes us feel good and feel free. Medicine can be considered a miracle that human beings discovered. Karl Marx once said,’’ medicine heals doubts as well as diseases’’.

Human beings are practicing medicine since prehistoric times. Doctors used to apply for the medicine and start reciting prayers for healing. Prayers must have been some kind of medicine back then. But time has changed and so is the way of practicing medicine. Early medicine dates back to the 5th century BCE. Since then everything in the medical field has been developing and upgrading. The only unchanged thing is the behavior and characteristics of a good medical practitioner or a doctor.

A medical professional is a very essential member of society. S/he is an example of greatness. But that greatness doesn’t come handy. To be a great doctor, one should be very passionate about helping others and strongly committed to the profession. The profession itself is of great value so a person must be well prepared to justify its value.

We all have been to a doctor in our life. I don’t feel like visiting a doctor or a hospital. But when I see a doctor so much passionate about my illness, half of my discomfort fades away. Today a doctor smiles in front of you and treats you; tomorrow you will smile and greet him/her.

A person choosing a career in the medical field is good for everyone in society. It is a relief because a knowledge increases and patients decrease. We will have a healthy society. But for the decision-maker, why would you decide to choose medicine and which field will you practice?

In today’s world, there are various medical career opportunities. It is easy to find a medical job anywhere around the world with a handsome salary and job safety. Doctors are always in high demand. They get a chance to make people’s pain and suffering go away. They are trusted by everyone anywhere. Finding new cures is also an important part of a medical study.

Not only doctors are considered as a medical practitioner. A lot of research and hard work is required to develop a cure for a disease. We are going through a global pandemic in 2020 and medical professionals are fighting day and night to end this. Doctors and nurses are working in the hospital, pharmacists are handling the pharmacy whereas medical researcher is working their eyes open to developing a vaccine that can cure the disease. So in medicine, every aspect is equally important. It can even win you a Nobel Prize. Emil von Behring was a German physiologist who won the Nobel Prize in medicine for the first time in 1901 for developing a vaccine against diphtheria. Also, Gerty Cory is the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in medicine for elucidating the metabolism of glucose which served in different aspects of medicine and helped in the treatment of diabetes. 

Medicine is a winner for everyone.

To fulfill the dream of being a medical practitioner, first of all, you need to have an exceptional grade in chemistry and biology. If you have some experience of working with medicine or medical care, it will be a plus one. Now there are so many fields to choose from under medicine. Some of them are surgery, dentistry, physiotherapy, pharmacy, medical research, or working in a different national and international medical project, government project, military project, etc. But most of all, you have to be mentally prepared.

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