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Cyber Security

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The Digital Bodyguard!!

Technology is advancing and upgrading day by day. Likewise, technological threats are also taking new steps. Technological advancement has offered thousands of options in each step of our daily life just to make it easier and efficient. The delightful offer has made us lure towards it. But it didn’t only attract normal peoples but also created opportunities for hackers and cybercriminals to transfer and trade data illegally. This illegal action in the digital world is called a cyberattack.

Cyberattacks target data and information and can access or manipulate the data. Sensitive data can be even destroyed and money can be extorted in cyberattacks. Each kind of threat has its properties and own mission. Based on the properties threats can be of four types.

  • Phishing: commonly appearing cyber attack through fraudulent emails in the disguise of an official one. It steals the user’s login information and credit card numbers.
  • Ransomware: it is also a disguised fraudulent software that blocks a file or a computer system and asks money for the recovery. But it is doubtful.
  • Malware: just like ransomware but it can gain unauthorized access to a system rather than blocking the access.
  • Social engineering: this is an idea developed to make users willingly attracted to phishing, ransomware, and malware by providing fraudulent links.

To protect systems, networks, data, and programs from cyberattacks, cyber genius has been practicing a system that is called cybersecurity.

The cybersecurity system provides an advanced defense program for the individual system. A cyberattack can make us lose everything we have if we do not apply proper cybersecurity. Loss of simple data at an individual level can cause huge damage. Everyone relies on technology these days that’s why it is easy to blackmail someone and extort money just because the user has a private video in his/her system and some evil genius hacked it. We usually hear such news every once in a while. This could have been happening either because of a lack of knowledge about cyber threats or not taking it seriously.

But every time users cannot be blamed because they are not using proper protection. The 21st-century environment has made us use technology in every step. Taking a ride to order food, we use a digital system. This environment has created a wide space for hackers to use their innovation. Because of more systems, attackers have become more active and innovative.

Cybersecurity is a process that offers multiple levels of protection all over the system, network, data, and programs. For cybersecurity to work effectively the main 3 components of an organization, staff, process, and technology, should work together to form a good defense system from cyber attacks. Each component should play their role. Staff should secure data with strong passwords. An organization should have a system to detect threats, protect the operating system, and respond to threats. Technologies that have next-generation firewalls, antivirus, DNS filtering, malware protection, and email security solutions should be employed.

The constant increase in threat and innovative high profile cyber-attacks has created a good career opportunity for cybersecurity experts. Security engineers are either hard to find or expensive to hire. Experts have estimated more than 3 million cyber security experts will be needed to maintain balance in the digital world by 2022. This might be the right time to turn your passion into a career in cybersecurity.

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