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There is no restriction to study for any one of any age with any gap. But there can be a restriction if the candidate not able to provide enough proof in terms of documents or knowledge in that chosen field of study. If the candidate is unable to submit all required documents for visa purpose might get visa cancellation from high commission. However, If a candidate has completed his/her high school or above with no more than 2 to 5 years of gap (depending on where he/she is applying) along with all genuine required documents, than he/she is eligible to apply for abroad study.

Depending on where the candidate is applying for his/her further study. If a candidate is applying for English speaking country it is mandatory that English test report has to be submitted to the University as well as to the high commission during the visa lodgment.

Student should be smart enough to research and find what different kinds of scholarship programs are being provided by education institution. There are different types of scholarships provided by either education institution or by the government of that certain country. It can be in terms of Academic Excellence or can be Aid Scholarship programs or sometimes by 3rd party sponsorships as well. Now who can get the scholarship? If the applying students meets the criteria illustrated by the education institution or by any governing body who is providing the scholarship will get the scholarship.

We always recommend our students to research education providers to know about the institution and courses and programs they are offering. We always help and guide them throughout the process. Eng. Test could be mandatory for certain country the student is applying. Offer letter issuing, documentation and GTE approval and visa lodgment could take a while and after the visa is lodged will take 21 to 45 days for visa decision. What we suggest to our students is to start process at least 6 months prior from the intake starts.

Well there is not an exact answer for this. It depends on education institution where the student or candidate is applying. Tuition fee varies from Institution to institution and even which country he/she is applying for. If a candidate gets a scholarship might cost really low compared to a student applying with a donation. In our counseling period we provide basic idea of the cost might take while applying in different Education Institution in their preferred country.

All Genuine Academic Documents, Essay or SOP (Statement of Purpose), Education Loan/ financial papers/Property papers (depending on which country you are applying for), Passport, any other supportive documents that provides a proof that you are a genuine student.

After your visa grant, important documents you need for your travel are your visa, passport, Ticket, Academic documents, enrollment paper & no objection certificate if has been provided by the govt. of your country.

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