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Migration Amendment (New Skilled Regional Visas) Regulations 2019

The amendments introduce a revised points system for the subclass 491 visa as well as existing General Skilled Migration (489,189,190) visas. Points are awarded for attributes that are linked with the applicant’s ability to make the greatest economic contribution, as the key purpose of the skilled migration program is to maximise the economic benefits of migration to Australia.

The changes to the points test are to introduce:

· more points for having a skilled spouse or de facto partner (10 points);

· more points for applicants nominated by a State or Territory government or sponsored by a family member residing in regional Australia (15 points);

· more points for having certain STEM qualifications (10 points);

· points for applicants who do not have a spouse or de facto partner (10 points); and

· points for applicants with a spouse or de facto partner who has competent English (5 points).


To later obtain Permanent Residence (visa 191) you will need to :

– hold a regional provisional visa when they apply for the Subclass 191 visa, and have held that visa for at least three years;

– have earned a minimum income for at least three years as the holder of a regional provisional visa; and

– have complied with the conditions of the regional provisional visa.


There will be a NEW ordering system for ALL points test applicants as follows …

If all other points claims are equal, invitations for points tested visas will be ranked by the Migration Points Test as described below:

· First – primary applicants with a skilled spouse or de facto partner

· Equal First – primary applicants without a spouse or de facto partner

· Second – Primary applicants with a spouse or de facto partner who can demonstrate competent English but does not have the skills for skilled partner points (age and skills)

· Third – Primary applicants with a partner who is ineligible for either competent English or Skilled partner points. These applicants will be ranked below all other cohorts, if all other points claims are equal.


Source: https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2019L00578/Explanatory%20Statement/Text?fbclid=IwAR0_rPqbZm1AhfdJ5x1LuVQuy4i0NkFZ_Ptn0qNBn9NvqK0URrLmCjLRxGQ

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